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Weekly Pool Cleaning Services

"We Clean, You Lounge"

Our monthly pool cleaning services includes weekly pool cleanings, testing and balancing your pools chemicals and inspection of your pools interior, filter, pump, deck and tile.


We keep your pools walls and floors clean so it not only looks good but is safe to swim in.


Weekly Chemical balancing will keep your pool in tip top condition. 


We do an visual inspection each time we visit. We will notify you when something needs to be addressed.

Our Weekly Service Includes: 

  • Water Analysis and Treatment Chemicals Included

  • Skimmer and Pump Basket Maintenance

  • Regular Filter Backwashing

  • Thorough Pool Brushing

  • Pool Skimming and Netting

  • Pool Vacuuming

  • Algae Prevention & Treatment

  • Equipment Inspection

  • Report emailed or Texted to you every visit

Filter cleanings recommended every 3-6 months at an additional fee depending on filter type.  

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Are You Tired of Overpaying
For Pool Cleaning?

Our WEEKLY service IS $249 A MONTH

Enjoy your pool to the fullest with regular maintenance and cleaning. At Pool Lizards, we understand the importance of maintaining a pristine pool and we're here to help you achieve that.

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We make it easy to set up your pool cleaning services!

Looking for a reliable and professional pool cleaning service? Look no further than Pool Lizards! We are dedicated to providing top-notch pool cleaning services to keep your pool sparkling clean and your equipment running in top condition.


Pool Lizards offers weekly pool cleaning services billed monthly to keep your pool sparkling clean. Our service is month to month no contract, cancel anytime! We make billing simple, just sign up online to set up automatic payments! We also can do necessary repairs, filter cleaning and replacements.


Once you sign up we will contact you to get your first cleaning scheduled!

Choose a Local Business for Pool Cleaning in Georgetown, TX

When it comes to pool maintenance and cleaning, local expertise matters. Here's why you should consider Pool Lizards Pool Cleaning for all your pool cleaning needs in Georgetown.  
Get to know more about us!

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Georgetown, Texas

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Call us at (346) 442-2221

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